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How to import Yahoo forum

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Hi Lizzie! If importing the Yahoo forum directly is an option that would be great. I still need to look into exporting options at Yahoo. Currently the Yahoo forum has about 800 users and we will potential scale to 4000 users. If you can prepare a custom work estimate that would be great as well. Just let me know the info you need. (this was the last unanswered comment in the post http://vanillaforums.com/discussion/221/batch-upload-users)


  • You'd need to get an export of your Yahoo forum for us to import it. I'll have Lizzie contact you about the quote.
  • I've followed up via email, @felipec_1 :)
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    This comment is for the Yahoo Groups import community. I didn't find a straight-forward way to export the yahoo forum anywhere on the internet. GroupFetch nor PG Offline gave me an industry standard feel. Anyhow, I was able to export the Yahoo Group using the following Mozenda agent:

    1. log into Yahoo group
    2. open any post containing multiple replies
    3. click on the "Expand Messages" link towards the bottom of the post
    4. collect the information using an item list with the following arguments:
    (note: please remove the extra space after every "<")


    From:< /EM>< /SPAN> "%name%" < %email%> < BR>

    From:< /EM>< /SPAN> %name% < %email%> < BR>

    From:< /EM>< /SPAN> %email% < BR>


    Date:< /EM>< /SPAN>%date%< BR>


    < PRE>
    %post%< /PRE>

    < PRE>%post%< /PRE>

    < TD>
    %post%< /TD>

    < TD>%post%< /TD>

    < TR>
    %post%< /TR>

    < TR>%post%< /TR>

    < TBODY>
    %post%< /TBODY>

    < TBODY>%post%< /TBODY>


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