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Tons of new applicants, but none in the queue

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I am getting tons of e-mail to tell me we have new applicants, but they do not show up in the Applicants section of the forum. The e-mail notification also does not contain the users e-mail address. Here is an example e-mail:

jjensen applied for membership.

New applicant: jjensen

Real Name: Jan Jensen

Hospital / Clinic: MRP, Inc Ft. Hamilton Hospital

City: Hamilton

Country: USA


Follow the link below to check it out:


Have a great day!




  • Howdy Andrew, I'd guess that other administrators are also approving applicants and getting there faster than you. The member you referenced above is already an approved user.
  • Hi Lincoln, thats another issue. The other two admins are not approving, so somehow the new applicants are being automatically approved. I check the settings and the forum is set to approve by admins, not auto approve.
  • I just signed up for a test account using a personal e-mail account and my membership was automatically approved. The new user alert was sent to my Admin account e-mail, but none of the admins had a chance to approve or deny the new user. We need to fix this ASAP as the forum is not open to the public.
  • You're correct, there's a problem here. We'll have a fix deployed as quickly as possible.
  • magic, thanks
  • Hi Lincoln, any updates for me? The problem still exists
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    Hi @andrewrodgers - Sorry for the delay. Lincoln's been swamped with other customer requests. I'm stepping in to get this issue resolved today.
  • SystemSystem Administrator
    edited May 2012
    Hi @andrewrodgers - I *finally* tracked down the source of this bug, and it was just a configuration issue. On the registration configuration page, "Applicant" was selected as the "Email Confirmation Role" (ie. the role to put a person in while their email is being confirmed).

    When a user then confirms their email address, it attempts to put them back into the role they were in before their account went into "confirm email" state. In this case, that role was *also* applicant. In order to prevent the users from being stuck in the email confirmation role after confirming their emails, we force them into the default if the old role and the email confirm role are the same.

    Confusing, I know. In the end I just had to create a new role called "Email Confirmation Role", made sure that their permissions are configured so all they can do is sign in to confirm their email, and then set *that* as the email confirm role.

    I verified that the fix worked on your forum.
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