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Domain help

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Hello, I initially utilized vanilla forums via the free Godaddy app, I then
opted for the 30 day trial on the $149 plan. Instead of doing a MySQL dump
then importing into the new account, I decide to start fresh. When I
utilized "the top domain" option in custom domain, I got a message saying
the domain was already registered. Then after that I was not able to access
the new paid account dashboard. I kept getting redirected to the free
version. Do I need to cancel the new account and start over, or is there
someway you can assist me. I already uninstalled the free app provided by

Thank you,


  • SystemSystem Administrator
    I don't think you need to delete and recreate a new forum. This should just be a DNS fix.

    I took a look at your DNS, and it does not look like your domain is pointing at our IP address. It is currently pointing at: - which appears to be a GoDaddy address.

    Can you post in here what settings you changed in your GoDaddy DNS manager? Please include field names & values entered. Thanks!
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    Oh, and to be clear, you wanted your top level domain to be pointing at your forum, correct? (ie. not a subdomain like "subdomain.yourdomain.com")
  • I deleted the app from Godaddy, I was corresponding with Luc via email. He seemed to be okay with that. In the DNS settings I entered the the IP address vanillaforums gave me. It accepted the settings, for some reason it kept defaulting to the free version. I want to use my domain as the only domain.
  • SystemSystem Administrator
    Looked a bit more...

    It shouldn't have let you proceed with the change the first time. Unless, of course, you changed the A Record again after the fact. Our domain manager tests the transfer before allowing it, so I'm not exactly sure what happened there.

    Here's what you can do: In your GoDaddy DNS management tool, add an "A Record" pointing at (currently it is pointing at

    Once you do that, you can go into your forum's dashboard (we reset it to the yourdomain.vanillaforums.com address), go to "Dashboard" > "Custom Domain", and try again.

    I'll keep watching here to see how it goes for you.
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    One more important piece of information: DNS changes take time to propogate, so after you've made your change in GoDaddy to point your domain at our IP, it may take up to 24 hours for the change to take effect before the rest of the internet can see it and the custom domain page will let you make the change on our end.
  • Should I get rid of, or add as an additional IP?
  • Under custom domain I'm getting "That domain does not resolve to the correct IP".
  • SystemSystem Administrator
    You should only have a single "A Record" for your top level domain, pointing at "".

    As I mentioned, once you make this change in GoDaddy, it will take time (could be up to 24 hours, but will likely be a lot less) for the change to propogate around the globe. Our Custom Domain page should disallow you to implement the DNS change until it can see that it has propogated correctly.
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    It seems it went through again, now I see this message again: "You already have a custom domain"

    remove beezabuzz.com
  • Also, I have server hosting with Godaddy, will changing the DNS settings change the way my account is hosted.
  • SystemSystem Administrator
    It looks like your change propogated so that our service can see it, but you've got 2 A Records now. As I mentioned, you should only have a single A Record pointing at "".

    Try removing the other one, waiting, and checking again.
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    If you're paying extra for server hosting at Godaddy, you should probably cancel that. Pointing your DNS at our service will mean that we are handling your hosting now. You can always sign back up for GoDaddy hosting later if the need arises.
  • When I go to "myname.vanillaforums.com. I am getting the same error as before:


    You don't have permission to access / on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  • Tim GunterTim Gunter Administrator, Operations, Staff
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    You're getting that 404 error because:

    1) The forum you have hosted with us has been configured (by you) to allow access only from 'beezabuzz.com'. If it is accessed from another address (such as beezabuzz.vanillaforums.com) it will immediately redirect the user to 'beezabuzz.com'. This is normal, and your desired behaviour.

    2) beezabuzz.com currently resolves to two different IP addresses, only one of which is the correct one. Your browser is picking one of them and connecting to that server. In this case, it has chosen, which is presumably your old (now deleted) GoDaddy forum's address.

    That's why you're seeing an error. It is not from our service, it is from GoDaddy.

    To correct this, follow Mark's directions and ensure that 'beezabuzz.com' only has ONE A RECORD and that it is for the IP we have provided you:
  • is the only one.
  • Tim GunterTim Gunter Administrator, Operations, Staff
    And it is now working ;) I think you'll find if you close and re-open your browser, you site will begin to work.

    Browsers cache the results of DNS lookups (to speed up future requests to that site), so even though you have resolved the configuration issue of your DNS, your browser still contains old lookup results.
  • I've closed the browser, reopened, I still do not see it. You're able to see it?
  • Okay, funny thing is, I can see it on my mobile browser.
  • Tim GunterTim Gunter Administrator, Operations, Staff
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    I'm able to see it fine, yes.
    Your DNS lookups from my machine and from some of the servers I control all look right as well.

    I honestly suggest that you wait this out a little and see if it resolves itself. My suspicion is that it is simply a propagation issue at this point. Mark and I can look at this again in the morning and if its still giving trouble, we can troubleshoot further.

    How does that sound to you?
  • Sounds good, I appreciate you and Mark helping me.
  • SystemSystem Administrator
    For posterity's sake, can you take a screenshot of your GoDaddy admin panel settings and send it to mark at vanillaforums.com? I want to make sure that everything is as it should be...
  • I can access it now, I have a different question pertaining to the dashboard. Where is the plugin tab?
  • Never mind, I found them.
  • SystemSystem Administrator
    Cool - Just checked again and saw everything is working. Yay!
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    Good afternoon, last night we figured out a way to embed Youtube videos, simply deleting "embed object" from the end of the code . Today using that same method, it no longer works. Has something changed overnight?
  • Hi @pbelv70, no, nothing should have changed over night in that regard. To embed a YouTube or Vimeo video, simply paste the full URL into the comment.
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