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Where is the support???

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If you want folks to use your services, you need to have support available. I asked a question hours ago, there hasn't been a response yet.


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    Hi @pbelv70 - We don't offer 24 hour support, and you asked your last question at the end of our office hours (5pm EST). Our team will be getting back online for an evening shift in the next couple of hours and will be able to help you out. As a matter of fact, it will likely be *me*. Just need to wrap up some other things before I can hop back online.
  • I asked my initial question at 1:47 PST. I want to use your software, I just need a simple fix.
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    That's right, you're on the West coast, we are on the East coast. There is a time difference between us, and sometimes that can mean that there is a delay before you get a response from us.

    If the support that comes with your plan is unacceptable, you can call sales to see about getting a different support package.

    I'm looking at your DNS configuration issue now.
  • I appreciate it.
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