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custom logo, removing vanilla brand

edited August 2012 in Questions
hi there,

I just purchased Advanced hosted service, playing around with my forum got some questions here.

How can I put my custom logo?
How can I remove vanilla brand?


  • Alright I found section where I can upload my own logo
    but for the themes, I can only choose from 6 themes and have access to 1 html file and 1 css file? is it true what I'm seeing? also I cant install other themes from ??http://vanillaforums.org/addon/browse/themes/recent/2/p1/?Form/Keywords=

  • Hi @GKV6, the 1 html file you can change is the master template for your entire site. Changing it will change the elements on all pages across your site. Additionally, that 1 CSS file is loaded on every page, so you have a lot of flexibility for customizing your site.

    We don't allow uploads of arbitrary themes because of security, stability, and future compatibility concerns. If you have questions about how to change specific items, we're glad to lend a hand. If you need a complex custom theme for your site, I can have sales contact you about your specific needs.
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