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Hiding a Category

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Is there a way to hide a category from the category list but still be able to link to it? I know that I can change permissions as to who can view a category but what we would like to do is simply have a banner link for it instead of having it in the list. Is this possible?


  • Sure, which category did you want to hide?
  • We would like to hide the "Reviews" category, I will check with the other mods and see if this is indeed what they would like, I will post back here.

    Thanks as always Lincoln!
  • Sure thing, I'll wait until I have confirmation from you to move forward.
  • Ok, we would like to hide the "Reviews" category.

    Thanks for all of the help Lincoln!
  • Lincoln,

    We are also having issues with Pockets and their visability. Some members can see the items we put in the pockets (and messages) but some can't.
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    Hi Chris, I hid the Reviews category.

    Some of your Pockets contained invalid HTML markup. For instance, the Donation pocket had reversed 'form' and 'center' closing tags. Also, 'center' is no longer a valid HTML tag. I replaced all your 'center' tags with a 'div' tag that has style="text-align: center;" applied.

    Hopefully that will improve their visibility between browsers. If not, I'll need to know which users are having issues and what browsers they are using.
  • Ok, thank you.

    Honestly, I'm rather ignorant to HTML and know just enough to be dangerous.

    Here is a link to the thread:
  • It's possible his office blocks your chat client.
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    I just thought that as well. I know some of our members are using very archaic computers.

    Thank you for your help on the issue, truly appreciated!
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