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jsConnect and Logout

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When I log out from my site, but then visit the forum, I am still logged in there. Is there any way to synchronize the logouts so that if a user logs out on my site they are also logged out of the forum?


  • There are a couple of things we can do.

    1. You can redirect to /entry/signout on your signin page and then give us your sign out url and we can set up a route to do the same.

    2. You can delete the vf_rpgwithme_65K3O cookie on your end. Please note that although this is the most seamless we may be changing our cookie names in the future.
  • That didn't appear to work. I deployed to production and set that cookie to expire, but I'm still logged into the forum. Any other ideas? Are you sure that's the correct cookie name?
  • Can I even access that cookie from my site?
  • That cookie is on the .rpgwithme.com domain so it should work. If you can't get that to work I recommend using the first method I described above.
  • Ok. I can't remove the cookie. I've programmed my site to remove that cookie specifically and I've tried code to expire all cookies on logout. Neither technique works. So, we need to go with options one. I'm need of a further explanation of that. It sounds like it requires me to write some code as well as you to set up some configuration. Can you explain that further? Thank you.
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    I'll give you my understanding of what you describe:

    1. My signout button should redirect to the forum's /entry/signout
    2. You will receive the request and sign the user out of the forum
    3. You will redirect to my signout url
    4. I will sign the user out of my site

    Is that the correct understanding? Can I assume this won't cause any problems if the user isn't already signed into the forum?

  • That will work. Just make extra careful that you don't redirect to my
    signout url from your own signout url then. This will create an infinite
  • Ok. Let's get that set up. How do we configure the redirect on your end?
  • Ok. I've got everything set up on my end. I just need you to do a redirect when your signout url is called. Can you set up the redirect to: http://www.rpgwithme.com
    Please let me know when this is done. Thank you.
  • Hello!? Anyone there?
  • I've set up a redirect to http://www.rpgwithme.com/account/logout?vanilla=1. I think you want to go here to do the actual logout. I've also found in the past that including a vanilla=1 in the querystring can be useful if you want to know who sent you to the page.
  • Actually, I'm doing the logout on my end and then redirecting to the forum
    logout, so I need it to go to:
    let me know when that's configured and I will test it. Thanks!
  • Okay, but if you redirect to the forum logout then that logout is just going to redirect back to http://www.rpgwithme.com like you just asked me to do.

    Also, are you sure you want your homepage to sign the user out of your site?
  • I'm signing the user out before it gets to you, so the redirect just takes
    them back to my home page after the full singout is complete.
  • Gotcha. Done.
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    Ok. It's all working perfectly now. Thank you very much!
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