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jsConnect Invalid Signature as soon as I Go Live

edited August 2012 in Questions
I just went live with my forum. When I did so, I switched the jsConnect plugin to non-test mode and switched my code to secure mode. It utterly broke SSO. No one can sign in now. I get "invalid signature" errors. I'm using your code from github published here: https://github.com/vanillaforums/jsConnectdotNet

Again, everything worked fine while in test mode, but now no one can log into the forum. I just launched this feature...and it's broken immediately.

I thank you for your quick, response. This is an urgent matter.


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    I'm getting the author of jsConnect to take a look at this right away to see if he has any insight. Will get him to respond here as soon as possible.
  • Hi @EisenbergEffect, try regenerating the clientid and secret. It doesn't validate the signature at all until you come out of test mode, so it's possible there was a transcription error.
  • It looks as though there was an update to the .net library that didn't get pushed out. Let me test the code with your site's data and I'll let you know when it's updated.
  • I've updated the jsConnectdotNet library. You'll need to update the /App_Code/jsConnect.cs file.
  • That fixed the problem. Thanks! I've got another jsConnect issue, but I'll start a new thread for that. Thanks again!
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