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Wordpress Plugin/Integration

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Somewhere on the web I learned that there's a Wordpress plugin for Vanilla Forums, but I don't see it come up here much. Is that official/supported? Because I can't get it to work.

Simply put, the forum doesn't appear. From the forum settings, the page is set as http://api.solacesystems.com/discussions-2/ but if you click that you'll see there's nothing there.

Vanilla seems promising and I'm considering using you guys over Simple:Press despite the cost difference, but fail at step one is discouraging. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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    I subsequently found this guide to integrating Vanilla into a Wordpress site with an Addon called Embed Vanilla, but it seems to be outdated because I don't see such an addon anywhere in the Vanilla dashboard.
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    Hi Greg, yes the WordPress plugin is official.

    There is a feature in your Vanilla forum's Dashboard called "Embed Forum" in the left navigation column. It must be enabled, and that is where to retrieve the code for embedding your forum in a WordPress page or anywhere else.

    The WordPress plugin is used for single sign-on and forum info widgets. The forum address to enter there is your primary forum site, not the page you have it embedded on (so http://solace.vanillaforums.com/). It looks like you may have have missed the 's' on the end of 'vanillaforums'.
  • Thanks for the quick response.

    I see the embed settings now. So the advice about it being in Addons was outdated, it's now easier to find as long as you're not fixated on Addons. : )

    Still banging my head against a wall, though. With this new knowledge I tested on two other sites and it works fine everywhere except the site I need it to work on.
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    Yes, we moved Embed from an addon to a default feature because we decided it was core to the product. Apologies for the outdated documents.

    I don't see the embed code on this page anywhere when I view source: http://api.solacesystems.com/discussions-2/

    Is that still the page where you're having the issue?
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