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Feature Requests?

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Is there a spot to do feature requests?


  • Sure, you can request features in a support discussion like this. You can also contact sales@vanillaforums.com if you'd like you get an estimate for a custom feature.
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    1) Ability for admins to see all private messages. I've seen issues in the past where someone complained about abuse in private messages and you have to investigate it.
    2) MailChimp integration would be awesome. The ability for someone to opt-in/out of a newsletter when signing up for the forums.
    3) Ability to change the titles and images of default badges.
    4) Ability to create badges based on simple rules.
    5) Widget thingy for showing the title of the last five active forum posts in the forum.
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    1) That's possible. I've turned it on for you. The permission to grant a role to allow them to do that is Conversations.Moderation.Manage.

    2) Cool idea. It isn't on our roadmap currently, but it may make it in the future.

    3) You can do that by clicking "Edit" next to the badge in this list: http://forum.flesheatingzipper.com/reputation/badge/all Be careful to not change the 'Slug' or the badge may stop working.

    4) This also isn't on the roadmap currently. We can, however, create custom badges as a customization if you wish to get a quote from sales.

    5) I can do that too! Added the "Recent Discussions" module to your theme which puts the last 10 discussions in the sidebar. This is the code I added: {module name="DiscussionsModule"}
  • Thanks for this also, @Lincoln - For the recent discussions, I wasn't clear. That exact thing you have on the side bar I would love to put on my WordPress site. Is that available?
  • Another good one that will be asked for is embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Howdy @kelly, there's a latest discussion widget in our WordPress plugin. Do you have that installed?

    If you paste a plain-text URL from YouTube or Vimeo it will auto-embed the video. Note it will NOT embed if you format it as a link using the ButtonBar or WYSIWYG, because then it assumes you meant to do a regular link.
  • @Lincoln, yes I've got that plugin installed. I don't have a place for a standard widget, I would rather use like a function tag. The theme is heavily customized.

    As for the YouTube issue, when I just place a link in the body it automatically wraps it in a link and doesn't do an embed. Take a look:
  • Hi Kelly, it must not be formatted as a blue link when you're making the comment - don't use the Insert Link feature. I edited your comment to delete the blue link and replace it with the plain-text URL and the video is now correctly embedded.
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    I believe the function you need to call the widget you want is
    $args = array(
    'before_widget' => '<li>',
    'before_title' => '<h2>',
    'after_widget' => '</li>',
    'after_title' => '</h2>');
  • @Lincoln - Awesome, thanks for the function. In regards to the YouTube, I didn't do the insert link. I just pasted the URL in the body. Maybe it's that editor automatically doing it. If so I can switch it to the other one.
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    It's entirely possible it's the WYSIWYG - personally I really dislike that editor because of the number of potential conflicts and messiness it causes. I highly recommend the Button Bar instead.
  • @Lincoln, is there anyway to truncate the title for the {module name="DiscussionsModule"}? Also on all the pages that shows the post title, can it show the OP also? Right now it just shows who last posted but showing the OP would be nice also. I know we can add their avatar but I'm looking to add their name instead.
  • Hi Kelly, no, truncated titles isn't something that module does currently. You could shrink the text size a bit with CSS though.

    There's not a way to add the OP's name to discussions, but this reminded me I've been meaning to do that for a while. What I'm doing is making the Discussion Photos plugin ALSO show the OP's name. Then you can use CSS to hide the photo if all you want is the OP's name. This will be in the next release, which should be near the end of this month.
  • @Lincoln, I think that will work!

    Also what are the users points for? I know they are added/subtracted for reactions but what else? Thanks.
  • Hi,

    Excuse me for hijacking this tread but i have a little feature request who is not really urgent and don't deserve a topic for it.

    When using the universal code to integrate the comments we can modify things like :
    // var vanilla_comments_none = 'No Comments';
    // var vanilla_comments_singular = '1 Comment';
    // var vanilla_comments_plural = '[num] Comments';
    It would be cool if we had the same options in the wordpress plugin :)

  • Hi Remi, excellent suggestion. We were trying to keep it as simple as possible, but I can see why that could be useful.
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