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SSO Integration with iOS app

MichaelMichael Member
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Hi Vanilla Support,

  We've built our iOS and Android apps to embed the Vanilla Forum.  When users login to our app, they can go to our Vanilla forum via in-app browser without login (done by OAuth2 SSO with session ID).  This approach works in our Android app but failed in our iOS app.  When our iOS app users tap on the icon to go to our forum, they are redirected to a login page that requires them to input email address and nickname to connect.  Do you have any clue?

We've tried such redirection by opening the URL in external browsers (Safari in iOS & Chrome in Android), the SSO is working perfectly.

We also tried to enabled the "Authorization Code in Header" option in OAuth2 SSO plugin settings, both our iOS and Android apps redirect users to the Vanilla Forum login page mentioned above.

Please help, many thanks.



  • LauraLaura Support, Staff
    Hey Michael, 

    I'm going to reach out to your CSM so they can work through this with you! Its best to work through your support with your CSM so that you can maximize the benefits of your current plan level. I suggest emailing them directly when you are in need of support. 

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