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Toggle themes

Lynne_HandLynne_Hand Member
edited August 2017 in Questions
Is it possible for users to toggle from one theme to a different one?  We have a couple of people with sight issues who find a dark theme easier to read.  It would be nice if they could simply switch (I prefer dark text on a light background.)


  • Andrew DodsonAndrew Dodson Support, Staff
    Hey there, 

    It's currently not possible for individual users to use different themes on a site.  I will pass this on to our developers to see if it's something we could implement in the future.  
  • LauraLaura Support, Staff
    Hey Lynne, 

    Just wanted to note that we've filed this as a suggestion. We're always striving to make vanilla accessible, and in a way that is compatible with our wide variety of communities. When it comes to high contrast modes, its often up to the individual site to decide how they want that to interact with any custom theme work they've done. 

     We do have a base theme that is dark (Triple-A) , if you'd like to just switch the site overall. 

  • Thanks.  I think it would be a nice option to offer. 
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