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"Provider Not Found" on SSO

Hi there. We have four sets of forums with you and are only getting a particular error on one of them. Specifically, we're seeing this:

It typically shows up when we're returning from logging into Wordpress. It's not happening with forums.achaea.com, forums.aetolia.com, or forums.imperian.com and we're not sure why. Can you guys see if anything is off on your end? Thanks!


  • LauraLaura Support, Staff
    Hey there Sarapis, 

    Have you sent in a ticket to your CSM? I can take a look at this. We aren't seeing any general issues with SSO, and I'll need test credentials to test out the error. If you can send a message to your CSM, Brendan, I can make sure it's attended to. 

  • I haven't, but I'll do so now, thanks!
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