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Forums SSO with Wordpress

We've recently changed our backend from Drupal to Wordpress, and moved from the Orchid plugin to the Wordpress plugin for forums SSO. We're encountering issues with mapping due to the changing uniqueid field in the JSON response, in most cases this works fine, but we have situations where there are multiple users with the same email address, the matchup system will search through and map against the first user with that email address, instead of the username that's passed. Is there a way to map against the email -and- the passed username in these situations, or any other recommended course of action to ensure that the mapping works as intended?


  • LauraLaura Support, Staff
    Hey Sarapis! 

    Unique emails matter in Jsconnect. From our documentation:

    Can we use jsConnect without providing an email address?
    No. You absolutely must send an email, which is the only method for mapping users. If you are importing forum users without email addresses and need a way to map them over SSO, we recommend using dummy email addresses that follow a formula like {uniqueID}@yoursite.com.

    Generating dummy emails may work for your needs, though it interferes with users notifications. Adding a +1 to gmail addresses (as in Myaddress+1@gmail.com) will count as a unique email but notifications will go the same address, so that maybe an option for some.

    There are other SSO implementations that work with Vanilla that you can explore, or you can inquire with your CSM to see if we can accommodate the issue.  


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