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Moving Discussions from "Group" to a "Category"

We recently migrated discussions from a private group in the forum into a category that only those group members can see. The problem is that we are all now receiving a "Permission Denied" notice when we try to click into those discussions in the category. Is this something we can fix? We want to make sure that only the members with the "Wise Fools" role are able to see these but currently none can. Setup of role appears to be good.

Other issue is that even as an Adminisrator, I don't have the ability to announce or un-announce a discussion within this category.



  • Andrew DodsonAndrew Dodson Support, Staff
    Hey Andrew,

    I'm just letting you know that we are investigating this.  We will get back to you shortly with an update!

    Thank you for your patience!
  • Andrew DodsonAndrew Dodson Support, Staff
    Hey Andrew,

    Can you submit a ticket for this through your dashboard?  I'd like to have a dev take a look at it.  

    Thank you!
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