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Attach Image/File: Button Bar: Vanilla Addons

Bart TeracinoBart Teracino Member
edited September 2016 in Questions
I tested a photo and was pleased with the end result-the photo being the "comment" with verbiage. Attempting to do the same with a PDF file. Yes it uploads, but it is not in the comment box as the photo is. Then when I attempt to view the PDF, it wants me to save it to my files first. Another interesting item: I was testing this last evening and deleted previous attempts at attaching the PDF (well I thought I deleted it), this morning as I attempt to start again I am told the file all ready exists? I hope I was able to communicate that properly. Perplexed.


  • LauraLaura Support, Staff
    Hey there! 

    I was able to answer your ticket through email. Please note that support@vanillaforum.com and this forum are the same queue. 

    Pdfs do not render inline with the text, so attaching to the bottom of the post is expected behavior. You can continue to respond to the email ticket you have sent.

  • Got it! Thank you for your excellent response time and effort in assisting me.
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