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Unhiding Categories


We had a user that accidentally hide one of the category and is unable to unhide it.  I tried it on one of my own test user account but was not able to find a way to unhide it.

I found this old thread but could not find any of the options mentioned in there (maybe the options have change since that post?).

Does anyone know where you can go to unhide a category that been hidden.


  • If you do a:
    It will show all the category (even the one that has been hidden), and so you can click on the gear icon for those that has been hidden to unhide them.

    Afterward, do a:

    This will make it so, that if any are still mark as hidden, it will not show up - otherwise clicking on hide on other category will have no effect.
  • LauraLaura Support, Staff
    Hey Luu

    Your CSM has let me know that she believes this was covered in your last communication with her, But if you still are having issues, please reach out by email. Your CSM is the most familiar with your account and customization so its best to take your issues directly to them. 

    Let me know if you need anything else! 
  • Hi Laura,

    The response our CSM has resolve the issue/my inquiry.  I thought I post the information here so that in case any other may run into the same issue.
  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Because of the heavy custom work to your account, some issues you have may not be relevant to clients on other plans. I encourage you communicate with your CSM, but I appreciate the contribution! 

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