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Site crashing


We're getting multiple site errors and crashes (on different computers/locations) - includes 500 errors, blank and/or partially rendered pages and  - there is nothing on the status page




  • Here too.  I will report it separately. 
  • LauraLaura Support, Staff
    I've let the developers know you are seeing errors. I'll update you when I know more
  • Andrew DodsonAndrew Dodson Support, Staff
    Hey David,

    We seem to have resolved the issue on this side.  I'm able to load your community and see content without errors.  Please let us know if you're still experiencing an issue.  

  • Appears to be working again, thanks.

    FYI - may be unrelated but the threads weren't updating with the view counts about a week ago, they did come right but the count was from that point on ie it had not cached the reads prior.

    I note that the Mark All Viewed continues to not work properly. Whilst it does clear the 'unviewed' topics when pressed on return to the forum it picks up the count again as before.

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