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Using WishList Member to Set Permissions in a Vanilla Forum

imageUsing WishList Member to Set Permissions in a Vanilla Forum

WishList Member is a popular membership solution that lets you turn your WordPress site into a members’s only site. Vanilla has recently created a WishList Members extension so that you can partially or completely restrict access to your Vanill ...

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  • great plugin we will add it to Wishlist Member plugins website at: http://wishlistmemberplugins.net

    We have always used simplePress with wishlist member but this one give an alternative.
  • This is NOT relevant and I apologize, but for some reason I can't find where to add a new topic... Anywho... I am try to create a forum that will have both public and private forums... Is this possible? I what there to be a general forum and then private forums that either I assign members to or they can invite each other... I see this is an option separately but can't figure out how to do it on one site? Is this possible or do I need to create sub domains? And install separate forums?
  • @Eliteoomph You can create categories in your forum that are restricted to members who are in a specified role. The forum will be public but some categories will be hidden from the public. We don't support members inviting members to join a category.
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