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Evaluation Questions

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Hey, really like vanilla but have a few questions/issues.

Site is embedded.

1) iPad & iPhone
Sometimes I have real problems logging in with iPad/iphone. It either works perfectly or not at all . I input info and then click sign-in and the box fades away but never logs me in. Even on repeated tries.

2) Swear Filter:
I looked all over and can't figure out how to enable a Swear Filter. Is this doable?

3) Q&A Addon:
When I enable the Q&A Addon, it becomes the default choice when Members click 'New Discussion' which is the opposite of the way it should be. How can I make the default selection: New Discussion? Otherwise, there's no way to use this add-on.

4) Remove Logo:
I removed the Vanilla logo when I first installed the forum but now its back? Not on the Vanilla site but on the embed.

5) How can I change text and the URL on the welcome message? ("You have successfully registered for an account at ...")

6) Facebook Connect
How can I setup up Facebook Connect?
I've tried to follow your instructions but when I click on the URL it just takes me to our Facebook Page. Looked all over FB as well, but cannot locate where I can set up FB Connect? I did find where I can Create a 'Registration' plugin, but that doesn't seem to be right either.

7) Blog Comments
Is there anyway to enable Comments without those comments also appearing in the forum? I'd like to use them separately on another page but it wouldn't make sense if those comments also appeared on the main forum.


  • 2) Yes, there's a plugin for that available on Small Business plan and higher. If it's the only plugin you need from that plan level, I can turn it on for you.

    3) No, that's just how that addon works.

    4) You probably changed themes and it's in the new theme. You'll need to remove it again.

    5) Let me know what you'd like it changed to and we'll take care of it.

    6) Turn on the "Facebook Sign In" addon and register it with Facebook (instructions are on the Settings page for the Addon)

    7) You can put them in a private category. Make a new category, remove View permissions for everyone in that category, and then use that category for Comments.

  • 1) Can you tell me where your site is embedded so I can look into this one?
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