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Billing screwed up

edited September 2012 in Archived
I recently downgraded my account from the $150 to the $50 account. When the next billing cycle came up, I was billed for the $150 from my checking account which caused an overdraft $36 overdraft fee,(Thanks a lot) and now my account says I still haven't paid the $50. Please advise how you plan to fix this.


  • Hi there,

    I see what happened here. It seems our payment processor did not have enough time to "register" your account downgrade before the next billing date (as the change was made right before your billing cycle start date.) As a courtesy, I've refunded the $149 charge from 4/26 and on 5/26 you will be charged the new $49 amount.

    In future, should you have any account/billing related questions, feel free to contact billing@vanillaforums. Happy to assist.

  • Thank you for correcting the error.
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