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File Manager?

edited May 2012 in Questions
I've been looking for a bit and am unable to find a File Manager within the dashboard. I bought a subscription plan with Vanilla Forums, and from my understanding under this Vanilla Forums is hosting the website due to the website being up and able to be viewed on the web.

Is there a way to do file management so that uploading of themes and changing of files can be accessed with Vanilla Forums hosting the site, or will I need to seek outside hosting servers to be able to access these?


  • Howdy @cloyd800, there are a fixed number of themes and plugins available on our hosted service. We do not allow direct access to the website file system due to security and performance concerns. We offer the ability to customize your theme directly via the Dashboard, however. If you're looking for a particular plugin or ability, let us know. We wil also add any available locale upon request.
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