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How to use the Vanilla Commenting System with WordPress

imageHow to use the Vanilla Commenting System with WordPress

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  • Hi guys - will the Wordpress comment integration work with the Vanilla-hosted 30-day trial?
  • Hi @Owen Yes, the 30-trial will work with the WordPress plugin. It has the same functionality as the Small Group plan.
  • Outstanding! I will give that a shot this weekend.
  • All I ever get is "Couldn't find a Vanilla Forum at this url :/" when there is clearly a vanilla install at drawar.com/community
  • Howdy @Scrivs, I can't find an account for you on VanilaForums.com. If you have one, use that account start a new discussion with your issue so we can help you sort it out. Cheers!
  • Hey guys, quick question: how have you made the comments on this blog sort in descending order of recency? On my blog, the newest comments go to the top - I'd like to change that but can't find the setting.
  • Awesome! Now just develop a drupal module or universal code for self hosted vanilla
  • scrivs, don't forget to add http:// or https://
  • Vanilla Comments already has the option to select which vanilla's category the blog system will sync to. I wish the reverse could be the case, too. I mean you could select commenting in which wordpress categori(es) will use Vanilla Comments and therefore accessible through vanilla interface, and which category use the default wordpress commenting system. This way you can decide to have both your usual blog and regularly post forum stuff too. Or, how about a seperate WP Post Type dedicated to forum posts?
  • Hi @EdelAli

    Having two commenting systems on one blog might be confusing to your readers.

    It is possible using the universal blog embed code to have blog posts go into different forum categories.
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