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Vanilla Comments

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My core site is Joomla. 1.5.25 for now and 2.5.3 in the next month. Any reason Vanilla Comments will not work?

Is there a test/demo install somewhere I can monkey with?


  • Hi Horton, Vanilla Comments are platform-agnostic. It shouldn't matter what system you set it up with. We don't currently have any demo install. However, I believe you could test by having it post to a hidden category on your current site.
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    It works great. Someday it would be nice of someone wrote a Joomla plug-in so I do not have to paste the code into every blog post.

    When you guys get caught up and want to refine this you might look at http://www.ballofspray.com/forum#/discussion/4961/thewaterskier-oct64
    I like it but it reposts banners from my blog into the forum
  • @Horton I don't know Joomla well, but you might try to put it in your theme/template instead.

    I'll have @Mark take a look at that auto-image-grabber. :)
  • let me know if I can test something for you guys
  • @Mark @Lincoln

    I added a second post to my blog page today with the universal code. When I added a post - I did not get a new thread in forum - I got a new post in the existing thread I created last night- see the link above.

    Is this the way you expected the system to work? It looks like I would need to edit the universal code for every post..
  • If this thing is not fully cooked for Joomla, I will go back to Intense Debate but I like the idea of what you are doing.
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    Hi @Horton, you're not using Vanilla Comments as they're intended. They need to be in your Joomla page template, and you need to put the variable for the unique post id in the Universal Code here where it says 'your-content-identifier':

    var vanilla_identifier = 'your-content-identifier'; // Your unique identifier for the content being commented on

    If you're going to continue pasting that into every post (which I strongly recommend against), you need to manually change it every time, yes.
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    Ok I will shelf this for now. Love the idea...

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