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I need to open my forum to Chinese users

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Can I have Simplified Chinese language pack installed on the forum?




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    Hi Andrew, are you planning on converting your entire forum Chinese?

    We currently only have 1 locale pack for Simplified Chinese created by our community: http://vanillaforums.org/addon/zh_cn-locale

    Does that looks like it will work? You can download it and open the files in a text editor to see some of the translations.
  • No, we want the forum to be in English, but also handle some Chinese Specific categories. We have the paid version of Vanilla so I don't think I am allowed to add plugins without them being approved. Onco-community.com.
  • Hi Andrew, are you wanting the interface translated into Chinese for certain users, or do you simply want users to be able to comment in Chinese? They can already do the latter. If you want certain users to see the entire interface in Chinese, that requires the locale I linked above (which we can add for you) and a special plugin.
  • no, we just want to make sure when they type into the forum the characters display correctly. The interface needs to stay in American English.

    If this works already I will ask one of our Chinese users to test it for us, thanks.

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