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Vanilla Pop posting (Empty Message)

I'm having trouble getting Vanilla Pop to work properly.

When I email a new discussion, or reply to a discussion thread from email, the reply is posted in the forum as:
(empty message)

This is where the body of the discussion should be.

Has anyone ever seen this issue before?

I've tried sending emails directly to my Vanilla discussion email address ([email protected], where xxxxxxxx is my forum name) and using a forward. Both return the same (empty message) results in the forum post.

Let me know what other details you need to troubleshoot.

thanks for the help!



  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Hey there.

    If you could, file this ticket [email protected] and attach the original email to it. If your site is live you may want to create an category admins can view, so we can test making threads without disrupting users. I'll check out the formatting and file this for the developers to look at.


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