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How do I add Google analytics?

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How do I add Google Analytics to my forum? Just adding the Google code to the head breaks the forum, but there is no plugin for Google Analytics.


  • Hi James, just email me your code and I'll add it. lincoln@vanillaforums.com

    The problem is it currently conflicts with our default analytics code so we have to switch it out manually.
  • I sent it over. Thanks, Lincoln.
  • Howdy James, apologies for the delay. You're all set now. You should start receiving data from this afternoon onward.
  • Thanks again, Lincoln.
  • Lincoln, I can see that you added the script to my page when I look at the HTML. But no data is showing up in Google Analytics. Do I need to do anything else on my end?
  • No, it should've started working. Can you confirm the account number in the HTML matches your account?
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    It matches.
  • Hi James, because you're using a custom domain name there was a mismatch between the domain in the Analytics code & your site. I've customized the Analytics code to match your domain name as well. This should be fixed now.
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