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Change Roles of a Member


I am trying to remove one of the role permissions on an existing member. Right now she is listed as both Member and Bandster. Under Users > Edit
I tried to uncheck the Bandster role and press save but it gives me the following error when I do it:

"The email you entered is in use by another member."

Could you help?

The User I was testing was my own test user pixstix.



  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    It looks like you have the email on two users: http://community.myslimband.com/user/browse?Keywords=caryl.m@gmail.com&Go=Go

    Its creating a conflict. If you have another dummy email, you should change it to that. Vanilla Identifies users by email, so having a conflict will cause errors.

  • Hi Laura,
    How did the duplicate email even happen?

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    I'm not sure if you had some users imported when you started your account or anything like that, but if you did the two users may have been created manually despite the conflict. Let me know if the error occurs again and I will look into it further.

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