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Unable to administer forum

I am trying to implement SSO in a trial of Vanilla. Have set up the jsConnect plugin within the forum settings and have set up the URL's to point to a local instance of a development application running on my local machine. All was working ok but I am no longer able to get through to the forum to administer settings as it constantly redirects me through to the login page of my locally running application. Is there any way to stop this behaviour so I can get back in to the forum settings pages?


  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Hey there!

    http://hermes.vanillaforums.com/entry/password should take you to your vanilla login screen even when JSconnect is active, its a good URL to have handy when testing SSO, in case you lock yourself out. If you still cant get in, I can disable JSconnect for you so that you can adjust your settings and reactivate it, just let me know.

  • edited December 2014

    Thanks for that Laura, I'm back in. I have a further question regarding the set up of SSO for a Java based environment. In the client library there is a jsConnect.java class that looks like it builds a connection string in JSONP format. There is also a index.jsp which has some sample code in it. I can't see how the 2 are related in that the jsp just outputs the JSONP formatted connection string data to the screen. My question then is where does this connection string need to be posted to to enable SSO through to the vanilla forum itself? I'm assuming there is a REST API I need to be hitting somewhere along the line? Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Once you have your call set up correctly you should be able to sent the user through http://hermes.vanillaforums.com/sso to log them in.

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