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Gibberish discussions

edited April 2012 in Questions
http://boyzforum.com/search?Search= returns gibberish discussions. Does this mean the database is corrupted?


  • Howdy @superlove, if you search for nothing (a blank search box) like that I believe it returns all comments. What result were you expecting?
  • Nothing specifically, but it surprised me that the results that came out were not actual discussions or comments but bits and pieces of code. Is that normal?
  • I'm not seeing bits of code. Could you take a screenshot of what you're seeing?
  • This is what I get -
  • Thanks for the screenshot, @superlove. It looks like those are corrupted comments that shouldn't be there, not necessarily a search-specific issue. I'll have a closer look.
  • I've determined you had some incorrect discussion data on your site which I have removed. That should solve the gibberish issue you were seeing. Let us know if you see anything like that again.
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