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Permission Problem screen from paid content

Hey there -

When paid members share content from the paid, protected forum areas out to social media, a standard free user will encounter the Permissions Problem screen. Is there a way to change that so they end up at a different screen? (Something which invites them to upgrade, say.)

Or, perhaps it would make more sense to disable sharing from those paid areas, as it would ask anyone not registered to log in, with a similar, inelegant result. What have others done who've come across this situation?

Thank you,


  • Tim GunterTim Gunter Administrator, Operations, Staff

    Hi there,

    The only way to do something like this would be with custom routing on the Permission Problem page. This would make it so that any time someone ran into a Permission Problem for any reason, they would be sent to your upsell page. Do you want this?

  • edited December 2014

    Hey Tim - well, probably we wouldn't want that. What are some other cases where the permissions problem comes up? If those were minimal, it might work to have the redirected destination be more general and not purely an upsell page.

    Is there not a direct way to disable social sharing per category? If not, should be able to be done with CSS, correct?

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Any permission conflict will throw the error, so being linked to content that you can see (private messages, hidden categories) or being linked to anything in the dashboard as a user. This may create some confusion if you accidently misplace any permissions, such as restricting mods/administrators from certain functions of the dashboard accidently.

    We don't currently have a way to disable social sharing per category, but you could seek customization through sales and see if that's a possibility. Otherwise trying to hide it via CSS maybe your best option.

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