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Disable ability for users to update email address?

I need to disable the ability for our forum users to update their forum email addresses since our sso resets them to what is in wordpress anyway. I saw that this was possible from this post: https://vanillaforums.com/discussion/4739/edit-username/p1

So in short, I'd like for both the username and email fields to be uneditable in vanilla forums.


  • Hi Jeff

    I've changed this setting for you.


  • Awesome. Thanks Patrick!

  • It looks like disabling the ability to edit these fields also took away the ability to decide whether their email is displayed, and the ability to change their notification settings. I'd still like users to be able to edit their profile, but not to alter their email or username. Is that possible?

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    When you have the forum set to connect, it disables all of profile editing. I can enable the title or location fields, which will bring back the option but if you'd not like users to have those options I don't currently have another way to make profiles available for you.

  • Ok so I think I understand, but shouldn't a user be able to still modify their notification settings even if they aren't able to edit their profile? That seems to be a pretty glaring error doesn't it?

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    I've already filed the issue for the developers to change, I was just providing a current workaround. Users can edit permissions if you'd like to link them directly, or I can turn on a locations or titles so they can see the option immediately.

  • Ok I apologize... I must not have understood you clearly. Can we try turning those on? I'm not entirely sure how that will modify the profile field, but would love to see it if you can enable it for me.

    Thanks Laura!

  • Thanks for doing that Laura. That is exactly what I needed. I must not have been clear to Patrick in my initial request, and didn't notice that it had removed the ability for basic users to edit their notification settings until much later.

    As always, I appreciate your help.

  • In fact... whatever you did is exactly what I was looking for, so there is no need to bother the developers on account of my request.

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Glad that this solution works for you, Jeff. Let me know if you need anything else.

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