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Internet Explorer: Starting comments while not logged in throws error

We currently use VF for iframe embedded comments on our site (ymca.net). We have discovered an issue that causes a problem for our Internet Explorer users. When starting a comment as a non-logged in user in IE, VF does not correctly redirect user to our VF domain to log in. Here's how to reproduce the error.

  1. Ensure you are logged out of VF and using IE (any version).
  2. Go to a page with an embedded comments frame, such as this one. The "Comment As" button will be displayed.
  3. Enter your comment in the textarea
  4. Click "Comment As" button.

Expected Results: You will be taken to http://ymca.vanillaforums.com/entry/signin, where you can log in with your credentials and be returned to the entry where you can comment. This is the behavior we get with Chrome, Safari and Firefox OR if the comment textarea is left blank in IE.

Acutal Results: You will be taken to http://ymca.net/entry/signin, which does not exist and is handled by our 404 page handler.


  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Hey there!

    Thanks for documenting this so clearly, I've reproduced the error and tasked it to the developers to fix. I will notify you as soon as I receive any updates on the issue.

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    This should now be resolved, let us know if you need anything else.

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