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Since forum upgrade, CSS issue in FireFox 10/11

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The recent upgrade to the hosted forums appears to have introduced a CSS issue in FireFox, in http://brickset.vanillaforums.com, http://www.bricksetforum.com/

The textarea for 'leave a comment'/'start new discussion' is pushed to the right of the formatting toolbar, as illustrated here:


It seems that it's only affecting FireFox: iPad/IE9/IE8/Chrome are all OK.

The problem appears to be the inline style display:block. If I remove it using FireBug, the problem disappears:


I notice in /dashboard/settings/homepage that the default view now shows the menu on the left, and in my forum it's on the right (where I'd like it to remain). Is this possibly related? Is the left-hand menu now the 'preferred' configuration?

On that page, none of the three options at the top are selected. Should I want to change the default view to 'Discussions' (it's currently categories), would it put the menu on the left?



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    Hi Huw - Thanks for the tip, we're looking into fixing this now.
  • SystemSystem Administrator
    We've fixed this problem and pushed the fix to your forum. Thanks again for the tip!
  • Thanks, that has sorted it.

    What about the left-hand/right-hand issue? Need I worry about that?
  • @Huw The left side is now the default across all pages. It shouldn't be an issue to keep yours on the right side using your custom theme.
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    OK, thanks. Odd that you should change, it's far more natural for right-handers to have it on the right...
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