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Vanilla Forums Blog » Growing Your Online Community – 6 Starting Points

imageVanilla Forums Blog » Growing Your Online Community – 6 Starting Points

One of the best things about starting a forum is experiencing the impressive reach and quality of content that a forum community can create.  One of the most difficult things about starting a forum, though, is growing that community.  It can be a daunting task, and there’s certainly no single correct way to do it.

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  • Unfortunately Reactions and Badges are available to only paid customers and hence other supporters are missing the opportunity ti increase positiveness and popularize their forum, which in turn hurts vanilla as service.
  • Hi, I had a query, probably not related to the above article but i really could not see where else i could initiate it!

    I want to set up a forum for my company where the users can upload images and text and initiate discussions. Is this possible using vanilla forums?
  • @shailee Yes, this is possible on the Small Business plan. Contact sales@vanillaforums.com if you'd like to get started or have any questions.
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