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Our site is slow today

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Upgrading perhaps?


  • Tim GunterTim Gunter Administrator, Operations, Staff
    It seems fine to me.
  • Our site and other vanilla sites seem to be slow from time to time, and once in a while we get a BONK message...
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    Hi Banker, sorry to hear you're having connection trouble. So, here's the issue. We serve thousands of sites and millions of pageviews on any given day. If only one of them reports a problem like that, we have to assume the issue is with their Internet connection - that sort of thing happens all the time.

    To investigate this further we'd need a reliable way of reproducing it, like "do A & B and it will do X" or at least multiple people in different locations reporting it as a problem (ongoing, not "1 time last week" or such) so as to rule out a single place's connection peculiarities. If there's only 1 person reporting "it seems slow" there's really nothing we can diagnose.
  • Hi- We are getting the "Bonk" error continually as well, in all browsers on several different computers. http://forums.payvment.com/
  • @Payvment We had a few minutes of downtime today right as you posted here. It should've been restored within 10 minutes from then.
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