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Vanilla Forums Blog » Introducing Vanilla Reactions and Badges

imageVanilla Forums Blog » Introducing Vanilla Reactions and Badges

A successful community is an engaging and welcoming place where people can build new connections and discover new things.  Vanilla Badges and Reactions are at the foundation or our member-driven reputation and recommendation engine, which helps you build an engaged and positive community.

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    Are badges available on the open source offering as well?
  • No, they're only available for hosted, paid customers. Let us know if you're interested in signing up!
  • I just registered for free trial but I don't see the Badge and Reaction plugins.
    Is it only for paid plans-?
  • @wot Yes, it's only for paid plans. Free plans are extremely limited.
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    "off-topic" vote for comments? it's comment not a topic. I think that should be something else ;)
  • Why vanilla has restricted posting comments by people from vanilla account only? It discourages other supporters to write their views.

    This closed encapsulation is not accepted from a company which supported SOPA and loves FOSS.
  • Can you please add these plugins as a premium option for self-hosted? I run my own dedicated servers so using your hosted solution would be a downgrade to me. It isn’t very fair that you release a self-hosted option but don’t allow people to have all the add-ons. I’m happy to pay to buy add-ons, but I’m not very happy to have them restricted simply because I want to have full control over my forum.
  • @aery Maybe you meant "supported SOPA protests"? The company did not support that legislation in any way.
  • Tim GunterTim Gunter Administrator, Operations, Staff
    @Skyrie There are a couple of things you need to understand about Vanilla which will put your demand into some perspective.

    1) There is a general misconception about how we host our forums. We don't have just one server, or even one server per customer. We have clusters of servers all working create to deliver a highly available, highly scalable and very resilient platform. There are dedicated loadbalancers handling traffic that is split between 10+ webservers. These webservers interact with several memory caches to increase speed and reduce the load to several database servers. There are very few self hosted customers for which that is a technological downgrade.

    2) We design some addons specifically for our hosted platform. There is no way to say this any differently: some things are custom built for vanillaforums.com. There are a few reasons why this is the case, but here are the most important ones:

    a) We know exactly how our hosting infrastructure is built, what kind of resources are available, how it will handle various types of load and traffic. We can build cron jobs, rely on having access to fast memory caches, etc. There are some features, some very complex features, that simply would not work on a GoDaddy shared hosting account, or even on an ordinary single dedicated server.

    b) We are a business. Vanilla Forums Inc is a company that is trying to make money and grow. We provide our product as open source because we can, and because we want to make the code available to people that would not be our customers anyway. Go nuts with it, learn from it, modify it and take it in a new direction! That's the goal. However, if we tried to build our business around releasing addons open source and trying to charge $20 here, $50 there, we would get nowhere, and the company would simply go under. This isn't theory, this is a fact. You may (like so many before you) ask that we "just release it how it is". No. What happens then is that we end up with tons of support requests (from people who aren't paying for our time) asking why XYZ doesn't work on their new addon. This is not something we enjoy.

    The compromise that the community has to make in order to receive Vanilla Forums Core as open source is the understanding and acceptance of the fact that we need to prioritize making money in order to survive. This will manifest in several ways, one of which is addons being restricted to vanillaforums.com only, or being slower to come out as downloadable.
  • i have vanilla as my forum http://thedubbedwebs.com/forums however i dont seam to have any of these fun extra's. Why?
  • Hi @TheDubbedWebs, the features described above have only been added to the hosted plans available from vanillaforums.com.
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    It's too bad that you have decided to not offer a purchase package for download and instead are trying to force people interested in your product to host with you. The problem with this model is that serious webmasters are not prone to trust some random server admin with their community. I have complete control over my server and trust noone to manage it or have control over my userbase and user data. It's a shame really that you went this route because your business would probably see a tenfold increase if you offered a method for webmasters to install on their own servers.
    You could sell the download addons and sell support for the addons, win win for all.
  • Vanilla Reactions and Badges WOW i have been looking for this to add to my vanilla install unfortunately i self host mine and finding this post of i can only get it if im hosted with vanilla i however aree with @jason2007 come on vanilla be more like nikes slogan just do it.
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