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Facebook capabilities

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Is there a way for Vanilla to also show notifications in facebook when something is publish on the forum I'm watching?


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    Hi @cal5barton, no, that's not an integration we offer. We offer easy embedding in a Facebook page, which would allow notifications to show on that page only. We do not offer a full Facebook app.

    The trade off is that the embed method is much simpler and stays in sync with your forum perfectly, but doesn't have access to higher functionality like sending Facebook messages or notifications to members who use it. Of course, some people would consider this a good thing because it also means greater privacy for your users.
  • Are there any plans to develop a facebook app such as vbulletins? https://vbulletin.com/index.php?do=facebookapp I've been looking at getting a new forum software and I love Vanilla's features but there would be no question of who to go with if you guys had an app like this. Also is there a list of Addons that I can look at to see if Vanilla is going to fit our other needs?
  • We took a different approach by offering the ability to embed your Vanilla forum in any Facebook page for free as part of any plan we offer.

    The vBulletin Facebook App, as I understand it, is something you need to configure and manage on your own, and then get people to install on their account. The Vanilla embed method just works for everyone with no extra steps, so we greatly prefer this approach and think it better fits our mission of making Vanilla more accessibile to everyone.

    We do not have plans at this time to build a specific app for Facebook.

    We're currently building a page to show what plugins are available on each plan. For now, I could put you in touch with our sales staff if you want to talk about what you're looking for and how we can meet your needs.

  • I would like that but I would need to communication to be through email or forums because of my hectic schedule. Another question is can you have two separate themes or page types? One would be for the main site and the other would be the embedded version for facebook.
  • We don't offer that as part of a plan, but it is something we could create as a customization for you.
  • Ok great. Would that be added in our monthly price or would that be a one time fee?
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