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Missing features after server move

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Hello, after the server move I am missing these features :
1. Shared Accounts - in profile page, shows what other accounts a user has from the same computer.
2. Polls Addon - allows users to attach a polling question to any discussion.
3. Customize Text - search only finds about 170 definitions that I can edit, instead of the thousands available previously. For example, a search for "customize" turns up no results. I think a reset of the words/phrases database is needed.

Could you please reenable these, thanks.


  • Done, thanks for letting us know!

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    Much obliged, but:
    1. Could you please leave Polls in my available Addons menu so I can enable it myself next week?
    2. The definitions list has not been updated, still can only find 170. For example "Report" is not found.

  • Some plugins will always have to be enabled on our end. If you disable it, you'll need us to reenable it for you. I'll check out the other issue at the start of business today.

  • The customise text plugin is deprecated, but we can make some customisations for you if you like

  • It's deprecated? That's not good- do I need to request to you every time I need something translated?

  • I've just seen that you're not using any of our language locales. If you like, I can switch you to our Indonesian locale. They're based off Transifex, which is open source. If you have any corrections, you can go and change them at the source on Transifex and they'll be updated next time we refresh them.

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    Thanks, this is the first time I've heard that Vanilla has an Indonesian locale. It was never offered to us, so we did everything ourselves (sigh)...
    I'm a little worried, so please let me ask some questions first;
    - Do you know of any example Vanilla forums using the Indonesian locale?
    - How will it work with the existing translations we've input to the Customize Text definitions (incl. for add-ins)? Will the CT defs be deleted or overridden?
    - Will the locale include translations for my current add-ins? Examples: "Report", "Signature Settings", "Who's Online".
    - If not, do I need to request to you when I need something translated again (since Customize Text doesn't work)?

  • I'll dig one up to you during business tomorrow.

  • Thanks Patrick.
    By the way, I'm on Japan time (GMT+9), in case you're wondering why I write in at odd hours.

  • Tim GunterTim Gunter Administrator, Operations, Staff

    Hey Ari,

    You guys are one of our earlier customers, having signed up before we developed our current version of locale support. That's why it was never offered to you: it didn't exist.

    We ran into a lot of problems with Customize Text, so we've stopped using it.

    Here's a link to the Indonesian Locale so you can look it over. If you have any corrections/updates, we'd love for you to submit them to the project as it is open source and community driven. https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/vanilla/language/id_ID/

    Does this help?

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    Thanks Tim - the Transifex seems to be an ongoing project, which is good, but the latest update to the VF locale was two years ago. How often do you guys update it?
    Meanwhile, can you comment on how it will work with Customize Text defs that are already in place? And I hope Patrick can dig up some working examples for me.

  • @Tim
    Some but not all user profile pictures are now missing.

  • Hi Horton, please make a new thread for new issues so things don't get too confused.

  • @superlove, Transifex is crowd sourced, so we don't update it ourselves. If you have any updates to it, you can put them in yourself and we'll refresh the translation. I've set the Indonesian locale on my test site here for you to take a look at http://tarkin.vanillaforums.com/

  • Patrick, thanks, I'll take a look. But I was actually referring to the VF Indonesian locale, not the Transifex, when I remarked that it hadn't been updated since 2012. So how often do you update the locale?

  • The correct locale is the Transifex one.

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    The Transifex translation updates are not logged on the open source site, rather over here, https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/vanilla/ You'll need to make an account on Transifex so that someone at vanilla can approve you for making translations. You can read the instructions for how to do so, here: http://blog.vanillaforums.com/developers/translate-vanilla/

  • OK Laura, thanks for clearing that up. I signed up for Transifex.
    Patrick, I checked out the Indonesian locale as deployed on your sample forum. To be honest, I found the translation clunky and sometimes weird. So maybe I can spruce it up on Transifex.
    Now, can someone PLEASE answer my two questions below;
    1. If I install the locale, will it override the Customize Text definitions that we have hand-coded for the past three years?
    2. How do we get translations displayed for strings which are not covered by definitions in the locale (such as phrases displayed by addins)?

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Your locale changes will override anything thing that would be changed via Transifex and multilingual, so your current translations should be safe. It also means that if you need to go in and change those things, you'll have to file your new edits through us.

    Addons are deployed globally, so depending on the text or features you are looking to change, every granular fix may not be possible without customization for your particular site.

    If you have a mass of things that need to be changed in your old locale, I would suggest making a document of them all, so I can easily file them for a developer to switch for you. Providing the exact text, its location, and the new text to replace it will make things go smoothly.

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