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Advanced search: mispositioning, unable to input fields in mobile

edited May 2014 in Questions

Hello. In mobile version:
1. the advanced search box in the discussions page is misplaced.
2. It is impossible to input author or tag search terms on iphone.
Please see screenshots (iPhone, iOS).
Can you please fix it. Thanks.


  • Any progress on this issue? Thanks.

  • I've put this in our support queue for a dev to have a look at. I should point out that these problems are all fixed in our shiny new mobile theme :)

  • Thanks for pointing that out Patrick - problem is the new mobile theme simply does not work in Opera Mini which is the primary browser for many of my users.

  • If you can get me more details on what doesn't work, I can have our mobile genius sort those out for you.

  • Thanks!

  • We've fixed the first problem for you. Unfortunately we're unable to fix the second at present, it's a complicated fix involving third party software and I can't give any ETA.

    For your new mobile browser problems, it seems that the problem is partly caused by your custom HTML right before the closing tag. Unfortunately we also will not be adding fixes for browsers that old.

  • Thanks. Ok... I'll just sit tight on the second problem then.

  • Any progress on the second problem?

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    We'll report back if there are any updates on it, We are not being given any sort of timeline or ETA on a fix for that particular issue.

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