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Site slow - Unable to delete a comment

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Are these know problems or do you need us to report these to you?


  • Were you getting an error message or is the site timing out?
  • it was on my 1st site that starts with a C
  • I'm not able to find a problem; I successfully made a comment and deleted it.

    Again, did you get an error message, was the site timing out, or was it just delayed?
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    Forgive me as i am new to all this... I don't know what timing out means.

    I posted a second video. It posted OK... I tried to delete the post by clickingthe Delete button, IE stopped responding. I refereshed the page, then clicked the square. a popo up came with Delete and Cancel. I clicked Delete, and IE stopped responding. I am unable to delete that second video.

    By the way, I am only testing the 3 sites at this stage... I have not invited any members.

    I used the AOL browser. Same problem. I am guessing it is from your end.
  • Feedback: I was finally able to delete the 2nd video (with a few seconds delay), but the pop up screen were hidden behind the videos, that I was barely able to click the Delete Button, and just the bottom left corner of a button that Iassume said YES...
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    Ah, that makes more sense. What version of IE are you using?

    There's an issue in older browsers where it's basically impossible to make a popup (like the "Delete Confirmation" window) to appear over a Flash element (like that YouTube video). I believe we've worked around it as much as possible.
  • IE 9 - Do you need any more details?
  • No, I need to do a little testing and I'll get back to you.

    I'm generally not hopeful about being able to remedy this, but I didn't think IE9 was effected by the issue, so I'll look into it.
  • It's a little irritation. No big deal. I will continue to bring to your attention any bugs. I did testing for many Betas, so I enjoy helping out.
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