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Problems with Advanced Search

Just had the Advanced Search upgraded for our forum and it worked splendidly for a few days, but now we're having some issues. Specifically:

1) Auto-suggest in the search box (from the home page) isn't working

2) Conversation aren't being consolidated into one result with a smaller note listing how many comments are included like they use to be. Now, we're back to the old format of listing only individual comments in a discussion - which often really clutters up the search results

3) Advanced search doesn't seem to be working properly. If I enter "Shopify" in the title field, none of the results have "Shopify" in the discussion title.

Thanks for looking into this.




  • Tim GunterTim Gunter Administrator, Operations, Staff

    You should be all set now Andrew, this was an issue during yesterday's move.

  • Fantastic, thanks Tim - appreciated! Confirmed things are working properly again.

    With the Advanced Search, one thing members have said is that they weren't aware the advanced search options were available before I told them. By default, the advanced operators are all hidden unless you click on the small triangle which can be very easy to miss.

    Is there a way to either:

    1) Create a link / version of the search page that has all the advanced operators shown by default, or

    2) Create a text link below the search bar that says something along the lines of "Advanced Search Options"? This would be ideal.

    Even better would be if I could create my own version of a search page that had the search bar, and some text / video describing how to use the advanced features and operators. A quick little tutorial on the page - or a link to a search tutorial - would be super helpful. Any way to do this via templating on my end?

    Thanks for any ideas / help you can offer.



  • LauraLaura Support, Staff


    That is not currently a feature, and forcing the advanced search to be expanded by default would require customization. Its certainly something we'll keep in mind for the future.


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