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Advanced Search ignoring tag queries

Hello Vanilla!

In Advanced search, on Vanilla, the form allows you to enter some tags with a nice type-ahead feature. If you enter a search term and submit it, then add some tags and submit it again, there are no differences in the search results. Same goes if you supply no query term and just an author name. My conclusion is that the advanced search is ignoring tags in the query. Am I using the form wrong?



  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Hey Emile.

    It does seem to be ignoring tags on your site. I'll file this for the developers to take a look at.

  • Is Advanced Search available for my site?

  • It sure is! Would you like me to enable it?

  • Yes, please sir

  • I'll do that now. If possible, please open new tickets for requests like this to save confusion on our end. Thanks!

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