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RSS feed doesn't work


When trying to get an rss feed from http://forum.livingsmarttv.dk/discussion/feed.rss I get the attached error?


  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    It looks like your adsense pocket is interfering with it, I would check your pockets for code errors.

  • Thank you :)

    I just copy/pasted the script from Google - I'd be surprised if there were errors in the script :)

    Maybe I'm experiencing a bug in the pocket?

    I had three pockets:

    1) Analytics
    2) A sidebanner
    3) A topbanner

    The two banners are identical but the one in top, made the rss crash - both banners works if they're in the sidebar.

    I now deactivated the top banner but can someone at Vanilla please have a look to make sure, that the adsense banners are not breaking the rss? :)

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    I'll task it to a developer to take a look at for you.

  • Thank you :)

  • edited July 2014


    I'm following up on this error, and I don't seem to be able to see it or reproduce it on your site. Can you confirm that this has been resolved? It appears the head pocket is enabled and no longer conflicts with the RSS feed.



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