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How can I fix your translation?


We just had danish language turned on, and it looks like it's not a human translation but something run through Google Translate :)

I'd be willing to offer you a proper translation but how can I do that? :)


  • We'd love it if you could help out! The relevant information is here http://blog.vanillaforums.com/developers/translate-vanilla.

  • When I go to the link, it says I should register for a free profile and then I get this attached error:

  • That seems like a problem on Transifex's end I'm afraid. They're an independent site, I can't offer any support for them.

  • Jeg brugte et par timer igaar paa at rydde op i vores Danske oversaettelse, hvilken du kan finde her: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/vanilla/language/da/. Mens den ikke automatisk er maskin-oversat, er det meget muligt, at den originale version (som vi tog ind fra vores Open Source faellesskab) i nogen grad var maskin-oversat.

    Hvis du opretter en bruger ved Transifex og soeger om adgang til vores Danske oversaettelse, kan jeg tilfoeje dig med det samme. Selv er jeg uhyggeligt travl med andre opgaver, saa oversaettelse er desvaerre ikke hoejest paa prioteringslisten.

    Tusinde tak for dit tilbud om forbedring af vores oversaettelser!

    Patrick: I've cleaned up our Danish translation and let Kenneth know that I can add him as a translator as soon as he's created a Transifex account.

  • Hi again

    Kasper: I'll try it :) Thank you!

  • Okay, I'm now on the team and had a look at the translations.

    Just to make sure I get this right, I need a bit more clarification :)

    When I look at the translation, it seems that words that have already been translated, still shows up on site in english.

    A few examples:

    "Best of" is translated in Transifex to "Det bedste af" but still shows up on site as "best of"

    The same can be said about "participated discussions", "unanswered" etc.

    Is it because the site, somehow, doesn't realise that the translation has been done or is it because these words are hardcoded in the template?

  • Hi!

    Transifex changes won't show up immediately, so this is expected behaviour.

  • edited May 2014

    Oh, thank you, Patrick - I had no idea :)

    Do you know HOW long it takes ? Some of the fixes are done on transifex now 48 hours ago and are still not changed on our site?

    Something makes we wonder, though: "points" shows up on our site as "punkter" (which is a danish word but not the right one - seems more like a google translation than a human) but when looking in the danish languagefile, "points" seems to have not been translated at all?

    Another example: in the top, left module on site with categories, activity etc., most are translated, but not "Participated" and when I look, nowhere can I see any "participated" in the languagefile?

    Perhaps something is wrong. Right now, on our site - did Vanilla support perhaps enable the wrong languagefile for our site so we're seing one and editing another?

  • Our Danish translation is probably just a little out of date, those problems should disappear next time we push to servers. It's not something we do as often as every 24 hours I'm afraid, as we're running a lot of different translations.

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