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Need a copy of my forum Database

Hi there,
We're using VanillaForums as a stopgap while the final site with integrated forums was built. That has now happened and I need to get a copy of the forum database so we can import it into the new system.

I don't see a way to do this from within the interface, can it be emailed? the forum in question is ltb.vanillaforums.com or forum.ltbcoin.com


  • LauraLaura Support, Staff


    I'll put this request in the queue for you. Once a developer preforms the export, I will send the file to the email associated with your account.

  • I have not yet recieved this and am concerned I will be charged for another month of service, can you please check on the status?

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    It looks like it's still in the queue, I will check with a developer on the status of your export. If you'd like to inform billing@vanillaforums.com of your situation, I'm sure they can make sure you aren't erroneously charged.

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    The file has now been sent to the email you have associated with your account!

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