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No incidents detected?

A whole week of 503s? I think that status message is a bit naughty of you.



  • Hi Lynne,

    The 503 issue is limited to cluster 1, so most of our clients are unaffected. Cluster 1 is being taken out of circulation as soon as possible and clients effected by the 503s are being given priority for migration to our new infrastructure that has been redesigned from the ground up.

    To be perfectly frank, we've just gotten lax with updating the status for that issue because it's terminal as far as we're concerned - cluster 1 is going away and fewer and fewer clients are relying on it every day. The status tracker is for communicating with our clients, and everyone effected by cluster 1 by now already knows the situation fully well and has been talking to us about the resolution (moving to a new cluster). Spending our time clicking around on the status page five times a day seems like redundant effort.

    If you aren't yet scheduled for migration, let us know and we'll get it under way.



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