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Integration of WP commenting


I would like to use the comment integration with our WP based site, especially because it will use the commenting already going on to "fuel" the build up of our forum, but:

1) It seems to me that all existing comments are lost - shouldn't it be integrated, like if you start using Disqus Comments, Disqus imports all comments so nothing is lost when moving forward?

2) When someone comments on an article in Wordpress, it gets added to the forum - great - but then when someone answers via the forums, on the blog post, you cannot see what is being answered. The sorting seems to be turned around, so the answer is on top of what is being answered?


  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Hey There,

    For integration services, you should contact sales@vanillaforums.com. They will be able to walk you through that process.

    I'm not sure I completely understand what you are asking in your second question. Could you clarify your meaning? Did you want to reorder the way posts display on the forum?

  • Thank you :)

    Yes, just reordering but I just found out how to do that when you wrote about in your reply :)

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