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Endless Prompt for Log in after Clicking on a Catagory


I've had this issue with a number of people trying to access my forum. They sign into the website & click to access the forum page. The forum then gives the topic "General", which they have to click on to access further sub categories. It is at this point that the forum instead asks for login details for the website. I have attached images which should give a better indication of what I mean.

I can access the sub categories, as I have administrator rights, but other people with other rights cannot.




  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Hey Marcus

    When I'm in vanilla I cant seem to reproduce this, spoofing members does not hinder me from looking at the general category. That log in is the wordpress login screen, not one of ours, but without being able to look at the wordpress side, I cant really be sure why. It's likely a permission problem. Did this start happening recently? Have you made any recent changes?

    Does it effect all users that are not an administrator, or is it a specific handful?


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