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Character Count Issue

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When our moderator types a message replay in the community, she is receiving this error: Body is 10936 characters too long, however her text isn't that long.

Do you know why this error is popping up?


  • Hi Breanne,

    I've heard of this happening once before, so it's possible it's an obscure bug that needs to be tracked down. Can you tell me what browser this was happening in and whether they're using Mac or PC?

    Is this a repeated occurrence, and can they cause it to happen consistently?
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    I am having same problem when setting up forum categories. I am testing new forum on 30 days approval.

    I will state here and now that i am less than impressed with capping of text character length.

    Will i receive help with this so annoying issue?

    Thank you.

    Am using Internet Explorer Browser on pc.

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    Howdy @venuss, I see you have the WYSIWYG plugin enabled. Are you attempted to paste in text from another program like Microsoft Word when you run into this problem? If so, try using the clipboard icon with the 'T' on it to paste in your test.

    The default character limit is 8000 characters, which is extremely long for a forum discussion. If you need this to be increased because you are intentionally composing messages longer than 8000 characters, let us know.
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